Create an SPA application for Infraguard on OKTA

  • Go to dashboard of your OKTA account
  • Click on "Add Application"
  • Now click on "Create New App", and select "Single Page App (SPA)" from the pop-up and click "Create"
    1. Put Application name as Infraguard
    2. "Login redirectURIs" as
    3. click "Save"

Share OKTA app details with Infraguard

  • Go to your OKTA account and click on "Applications"
  • Select Infraguard app from the list of apps on OKTA
  • Go to the "General" tab of your app
  • Scroll down to "Client Credentials" and copy "Client ID" and save it at a safe location
  • Also, copy the URL from your browser and save it at a safe location
  • Sent the copied Client ID and URL to your point of contact at Infraguard

Assign Users to your Infraguard App on OKTA

  • Go to your applications on OKTA and select Ingraguard App
  • Now, go to "Assignments" tab and click on "Assign" button and from the list select "Assign to People"
  • A pop-up will appear with list of people
  • Click assign button next to all the person you want to be able to access Infraguard
  • Click Done

Add Users to

  • Follow Add User document to add assigned users to infraguard with Relevant role
  • Make sure the user have same Email-id on both OKTA and Infraguard