The InfraGuard Authenticate API helps in the verification of the user by a unique generated value called access_token, signifying that the user is known.

Steps to generate an Access Token:

  1. Click on 'Try it out' on Parameters.
  • Fill the required string parameters which are authorized with the InfraGuard app (all are mandatory):                                     Email                                                                                                                                                                                      Password

           Source - 'infraguard' (default)

  • Click on 'Execute'
  • After execution, if all the details you entered are correct you'll get a code '200' which means 'Token successfully created' otherwise you'll get a code '400' which means 'Bad Request(Invalid requested parameters)'.
  •  To authenticate- Once the token created successfully, you'll get an access_token under 'Response Body', copy the entire token.


  • Click on the 'Authorize' button which is on the top right corner and paste the access_token in the Value text box and click on Authorize.   

You'll get authorized successfully!