• What are the Ports required to be opened between Source and InfraGuard?
    Endpoints: Outbound HTTPS/443

  • Are there any insecure ports between Source and Infraguard?

  • What information will be sent to InfraGuard Server apart from Server Performance Data?
    IG does not store any personal key or identifiable data. Nothing from a server is stored.
    For reusability and ease of use, we keep scripts stored in script inventory. We keep IG logs only, to track user's activities. If you choose to secure your server with a vault we create a new user and keep its key.

  • Post POC how are we ensuring the customer's Data is permanently removed from InfraGuard Service?
    You have the option to remove this information. We will help you in the process. Then you can raise a support ticket to verify if everything is gone from DB and S3.

  • Types of Authentication supported by Infraguard.
    Currently, we support SAML, SSO, MFA, Standard UN PW. These were supported with requests from clients. If you are using a different Authentication method, let us know and we will support it.

  • For POC tenant what Authentication types are supported.
    SAML, SSO, MFA, Standard UN PW

  • How vendor isolation is ensured so data between two different companies are leaked.
    Right from the start client's data is stored separately. We create separate Activation and a unit is created for each client. Even our team does not have access to that information once the unit is created.

  • Any Service Account required to configure the Agent on the Server. If yes what level of permission is required for this Service Account.
    An AWS account is required. Please refer to our help and support portal to see the list of permissions we require.
    Link: http://help.infraguard.io/

  • Do we have the option to manage and monitor Servers agentless?

Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns. Thank you.