Import and Sync AWS account with InfraGuard

  • Login into your InfraGuard account and visit ADD-ONSfrom left menu
  • Link for ADD-ONS:
  • Click on manage accounts and Add account from the account page
  • Enter required details and submit 
  • You can select "Set Default" for an account to make it appear by default when you log in to WA from IG. IG will keep the default account synced
  • Now, click on the back button and select "AWS Well-Architected"

Adding Workload

  • Once you are on the Well-Architected page select "Add Workloads"
  • Add relevant information and click on next
  • Select Workload properties among the four lenses presented to you
  • Now, click submit

Perform Well-Architected review

  • Select any workload from the list of workloads available
  • Select overview or milestone depending on where you want to start WA from
  • Click continue 
  • Visit each lens to get the list of questions related to that lens
  • These questions can be filtered based on improvement plans
  • Select questions to get the list of options to choose from
  • Select the "I" button next to options to get more details about that question 
  • Click on the Autofill button to get relevant information from the AWS account if available 
  • Finally, after answering the question click on save button to sync your changes to AWS WA