Import and Sync AWS account with InfraGuard

  • Login in to your InfraGuard account and visit Add-ons from the left menu

  • Now get CFT to create your role by clicking on "Generate Permissions CFT". PFA at the end.
  • You can now go to your AWS account and add this CFT to the CloudFormation service as a stack
  • The stack will generate an IAM role required to grant permissions for InfraGuard to talk to your AWS account 
  • Click on Add account from the account page

  • Enter the IAM role detail which was just created and submit 
  • You can select "Set Default" for an account to make it appear by default when you log in to WA from IG. IG will keep the default account synced
  • Now, click on the back button and select "AWS Well-Architected"

Perform FTR review

  • Select FTR from the Add-ons page and click on the refresh button
  • If you want to visit an older review just click on the "Select review versions" list and select
  • If you are performing the review just go through the requirements and select "Yes" or "No" in the met column
  • If you wish to save changes at any point in time you can select save after inserting a review name

  • You can also choose to automatically fill these options by using InfraGuard's mapping engine by clicking on the "Autofill" button